White Shark Cage Diving with White Shark Projects and their Team

Adventure and an Awesome Experience diving with Great White Sharks

Getting up at the crack of dawn to go Shark Cage Diving with the Great Whites was the order of the day and what an amazing experience it was.

We arrived at the White Shark Projects in Gansbaai to be welcomed by Elizabeth. Breakfast was served after which we were then briefed by Jan, one of the Skippers  and off we went on our adventure.

We had barely dropped anchor when we saw our first Shark, wow an absolutely incredible and humbling experience. We put on our wet suites and into the cage we went, a bit scary but yet so exciting.  Once you’re in it’s really a great feeling to get up close (and personal) with a Great White Shark. I took some fantastic photo’s from the  Viewing Deck and we saw a 5,5 meter male shark, a shark this size had not been seen in 3 years…

We saw about 8 sharks while on the boat and once we were finished diving we set off to Dyer Island  to go and see the Cape Fur Seals frolicking in the ocean and lying on the rocks basking in the sun.

What an absolutely amazing time we had, we would recommend it to everyone visiting Gansbaai!!! A definite “Bucket List” thing to do.

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